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Clients Corner - Testimonials

I first met Wade a few years ago and worked with him on my nutrition and fitness. The results were amazing – not only did I lose weight but my increase in fitness and understanding of food was life changing.

Although I moved away for a couple of years I have started working with wade and the BMR team again. They are friendly, professional and hardworking and always at the end of a phone or email to answer questions (and I always seem to have a lot!).

Since working with them in February I have lost 11kg and lots of inches! I am motivated, eat well and am so much happier in myself. The weight loss is gradual but sustainable and I now have the belief that I can maintain it.


Thank you Wade for everything!


I started training with BMR fitness to lose some of the fat I had put on over Christmas, with the view to losing more weight throughout the year. I did not really know what to expect from their Fat loss in February but if I was able to shift a few pounds I would be happy.

I have to say the month-long course was far more in depth than I had expected with daily exercise videos and nutrition tips. I was blown away by the amount of information we were given, either by daily posts of their Facebook page or the weekly Q&A sessions they held. I loved the online community and knowing other people were going through the same as me helped me to push on with my fitness, so much so I signed up for the next month without even thinking about it.

After the two months I have lost 18 pounds and I feel better than I have for a long time. I have so much more energy and now look forward to going to the gym on a regular basis.

The advice and support I received from BMR has been second to none and I really can not recommend them enough. If you are serious about losing weight and want the best advice for a fantastic price from a some of the nicest, friendliest personal trainers, then in my opinion there is only one company to use, BMR Fitness.



So, I’ve always been overweight since about 12/13 years old, over the years I’ve tried about every diet out there! All the “try this and lose 1 stone in a week” rubbish as well but obviously never worked. The last 4 years especially I’ve tried to get into fitness, gym, classes, and eating healthy but not really gotten anywhere with it. Tried slimming world last year and lost a stone but put it on as quick as it came off as they don’t recommend exercise at all! So, I see this thing on Facebook after new year about a January challenge and thought right. Let’s do this! So shared the video and got into the private group, every day the trainers would post a short video of 3 simple exercises…you don’t realise how unfit you are until you do 3 simple exercises! I found myself then waking up every day waiting on the video getting excited to exercise! Which I never thought possible. Also, nutrition tips, lots of questions and answers and support. As I continued this challenge, I felt so good about myself! Not had that feeling for years. The weight was coming off nicely, approx. 2lbs a week sometimes more, I was building muscle, getting my confidence and self-esteem up as well. 

My family and friends were noticing a difference in me and my whole new outlook/attitude. After the January challenge finished, I was happy with what I’d achieved but felt myself in such a good routine wanting more and to keep going! So, the trainers offered a fat loss Feb programme for the first ten people who signed up…of course I was right in there! They upped the exercises, got weekly phone calls to discuss how my weeks were going etc, got food diaries to keep track of what I was eating and help on what to have more of and less of which really helped! Got a calendar as well to keep track of what exercises and activities I was doing for the whole month, doing weekly measurements and weigh it’s, we set goals that were achievable as well, recipe tips again 24hour support from all trainers who are so easy to speak to and really give you the motivation your needing! I think that was why I kept going because it’s so different from a boring gym etc you feel important and like people are routing for you to do well which kept me motivated the whole time.

 I did have a few bad times…bad eating but after a phone call from Wade he made me realise that I’m only human, it’s not the end of the world and if I want something have it because this is not a crash diet or quick fix I’ve learnt this is actually a lifestyle change. I’ve started going to boxercise class with Wade aswel which I love!! Nothing gets your frustration out like punching! Lol also starting to do the circuit class (only been once so far but felt better for it).  So, after both month challenges I’ve now lost 20lbs which I’m absolutely over the moon about!! And approximately 20inches all over…chest, arms, tummy, bum, hips and thighs! I cannot thank the trainers enough for everything they have done for me in the last 8 weeks! I’m a completely different person to what I was after new year. Looking forward to the future now…and i know that if i have any questions or need some advice i can go to Wade or Jane or Alan and they will welcome me. Hopefully a beach body by summer lol this will be my year! 💪😃💪



Last year, I had the unfortunate wakeup call of being shown up on the dance floor – not for skill, but fitness – by an 87-year-old at a dance. I felt I was about dead after a 4-minute reel and he was not even out of breath. Decision made – address the fitness – or lack of it or pay a price – with my health.


I approached Wade with a degree of reservation, as a female – as not having been with a male trainer before, never mind one younger than me, I was acutely aware of how fit he was, compared to me. The first step is the hardest though, when embracing any challenge, and i would recommend him to anyone of any fitness level, for the following reasons.


Wade takes time to know you as a person, and why you are looking at your fitness – to see what has motivated you to address it. He met me in a cafe, a non-gym environment, and we chatted. He asked why I wanted to address my fitness, if I had any reservation about a male trainer,  why now address my fitness, what I personally wanted to achieve and change, and what had made me decide on the services of a PT, instead of a gym. My answer was simple – I am unfit, I want to address this, and I know I am not motivated on my own, so I need someone 1-1. He suggested I came for an introductory session where he could assess himself how fit I was and considered any physical challenges I have to my fitness – for example, impact exercise like running, I cannot do. I was unfit, but he never judged, nor said that I had a long way to go. Instead he said after the assessment, that we would start slow, realistically, and build it up, so as not to dishearten me, and simply put, this is how he started to motivate me.


The idea that it would be personally tailored, individually considering my dire state of exercise tolerance, appealed. To be honest, I hated exercise to start with – simply because I had such a poor level of fitness. But Wade is a friendly sociable guy, down to earth, always professional and focussed, with a great sense of humour, and the hour-long sessions I have spent with him and continue to do, pass quicker and quicker. When we started first, I would look at the clock and think “how much longer of this…. this is going to take ages”, because I was so easily tired. Yes, I sometimes still do look at the clock, but that is ok. It`s ok to be normal! My tolerance for exercise has improved so much, and I notice it at my dances which are very active ones – no slow waltzes – I no longer feel tired at all, there – and never exhausted, like I did. After the session I feel more motivated and energised.


He also asked what my food intake was and asked for a food diary – was he shocked when I wrote it down! I work long shifts and rarely have time to eat at work due to interruptions, so my intake was about the worst he`d seen. I work in healthcare and had always prided myself on being a healthy eater, and always have been –  but the reality of long shifts had meant I had slid into a seriously awful diet of anything I could grab on the go at work and numerous cups of sweet tea – nutritionally useless, followed by worse at home – crisps and more tea. I would collapse in a heap, grab the remote and bond with a cup of sweet tea and a bag of crisps. He explained that my metabolism was altered as a result of this unavoidable eating pattern, and that we had to work at rebooting it – cue the use of protein and more fluids – eating regularly – not just every now and then, and eating breakfast – for the first time in years. Taking his advice into account, and forcing myself to make even 5 minutes to eat at work, resulted in a fairly rapid reboot of my metabolism – we thought it would take months, but in a few weeks I was feeling what I had not felt in as long as I could remember  – hunger. Cue a resultant more regular eating pattern, and far better quality of food, which helped me exercise as I then had the energy from it. I`d like to lose a stone in weight but I am happy with my fitness improving so that one day, it will start to fall off as I will be able to tolerate the exercise increase, calorie deficit that I will need for it. Just now. increased fitness is a boost. When my dietary intake was at its worst, my calorie intake was so low that I was almost in some form of starvation metabolism, I think – too low to burn anything off –  so I know the weight will right itself in time.


My progress he has noted, as have I. I am far more able to tolerate exercise than I was, and I eat far better than I did before I started with Wade, Simple as. Those two facts are a vast improvement on my physical state – now and for my future health. I am by no means perfect, nor aspiring to be a gym bunny – but his approach, individualised and friendly – is instrumental in the ongoing change in my fitness. Diet, previous fitness, realistic goals, are all taken into account by a guy who is relaxing to be with – and I never thought I would put exercise and relaxing in the same sentence – I am someone who absolutely hated exercise….because she was unfit and struggled….a catch 22 – simple as.


I`d recommend Wade to anyone, particularly people who are like I was – older than him, very unfit and wary of starting with a PT. Yes, he has bootcamp and has very fit people on his books too, but he very much invests in the people who are starting from scratch too, and gains pleasure himself from seeing them improve, and feel better about themselves.



I have always been quite an active healthy person and have been going to the gym and exercise classes since I was 16. I never had any major problems with my weight and fitness but like most people wanted to lose weight and get my general fitness up a bit. I had always wondered if a personal trainer would make a huge difference but never had the push to try it out.

I had fitness tests as part of my job, and although I never struggled with them, I decided it would be a good time to go all out for my final one and try and get a personal best!

I signed up for a block with Wade which would take me right up to my final fitness test. I was slightly apprehensive going into it, but really wanted to know what kind of things I should be doing in the gym and how to change what I ate without crash dieting.

As soon as we got started, I knew I was going to love it. Incorporating weights with cardio completely changed my workouts. As the weeks went on i started being able to lift heavier weights and noticed a difference in body shape. As a result, I smashed my personal best and exceeded my target for my fitness test.

The amount of effort you put into both eating and exercise habits is reflected in the results. Therefore, if you have the determination and have a goal you want to achieve, I would recommend signing up!

After pursuing a personal trainer to try and “fix me”, I was put into contact with Wade where I went on to see him 1-2 times a week for personal training.

In April of 2015, I had a kidney removed after suffering with pain and recurrent infections over a 3-year period. For the final year of this misery, I was mostly confined to the house on very strong painkillers. Unfortunately, I gained quite a lot of weight and became extremely unfit due to lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. After recovering from the surgery for an enough time, I was determined to lose weight and get fit in order to be happy with the way I looked but most importantly look after the kidney I had left. My confidence was at an all-time low and even the act of taking this step was a hard one to do.

When we started, Wade sorted out a home workout programme and a nutritional plan for me. This meant I knew EXACTLY what I was doing when eating and training. It completely took the guess work out of it. During the personal training aspect of it, Wade pushed me hard which made me realise what my capabilities were. He always remained upbeat and encouraging which kept me positive. If at any point I was frustrated with my fitness or down on myself, he would always show me how far id come.

I saw Wade for personal training for around 2 months. After around 5 weeks, my body fat percentage went from 29.5% to 21.1%, I got my BMI down to 27 when it was above 30 and maybe most importantly, I felt more confident and happier in my own skin. I still see the doctor regularly as it is not long since I lost a kidney and I can see that my blood pressure and heart rate are perfect. My GP is delighted with the progress.

Unfortunately, my health isn’t great again for other reasons, so I have stopped training as religiously as I was. However, I am now equipped with the knowledge of how to train and how to fuel my body and I continue to lose body fat and am feeling more and more confident as time goes on. I would highly recommend seeing Wade for training and for nutritional advice. It was the best decision I have made. I will be recommending him to anyone who is looking to change their lives and become healthier.




I have been attending Associate Personal Trainers Bootcamp for over 2 years, achieving amazing fitness results with Wade’s tuition. As a result of this increased fitness it gave me the confidence to get back into my Judo. I competed at a high level as a youth / senior 20 years ago winning a couple of Scottish Championships amongst other tournaments.

So only back in July, having been back on the Judo mat a few months off and on, I decided I needed new goals in my life. One of which was to get in the best shape of my life and compete at the British Masters Judo Championships in October.

This meant, in order to compete again at a high level, I had to 1. Increase my overall strength 2. Lose 1 ½ stones for my weight category 3. Ensure my fitness was as high as it can be!! This is where Wade, Associate Personal Trainers came in to help me achieve these goals.

The workout sessions Wade devised were tailored to suit these goals. My strength gains were immense. I’ve went from barely deadlifting 100kg to lifting 145kg for 3 reps. My bench Press and Squat have also increased by significant percentages. There is just no way I would have achieved these kinds of results on my own.

Every session was a very positive experience, which shows in my body stats and amount of weight I can now lift. Not one session did I feel like I was going backwards or levelling out.  Each time we made good progress week on week. Wade’s knack of getting the best out of you, to fire you up and focus is just brilliant. This is the reason that every session was successful. I was lifting heavier and heavier weights or doing more reps with more weight. Every session I left feeling great, but also feeling like you’ve had a hard workout!!

As for my weight, with ATP you also get nutrition advice and meal plans. Wade devised a plan and monitored my weight every session tweaking it as required in order to drop the weight without losing muscle. I started at 13st 2lbs and dropped to 11st 6lbs on weigh in day at the tournament. That’s over 20lbs of FAT!!!

Well, with Wade / Associate PT’s tuition and guidance the hard work paid off. I competed at the master’s and won a Bronze medal. Top 3 in Britain for my age and weight can’t be bad given that I hadn’t competed in 12 years!!  Without the training from ATP I certainly wouldn’t have been on the podium, in fact I would only have been making up numbers at the competition.

I’m going back next year to WIN!!! ATP will be my first port of call to help me achieve an even higher level of strength and fitness over the next 10 months.!!

If you want to reach for the stars with your fitness / body / nutrition goals, I cannot recommend ATP enough. You will be amazed at the results you can achieve.