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Our flexible memberships and services will ensure that.

Clean up after yourself (and, if you have to, other patrons).

Personal space: respect it.

Put your weights back.

Don’t hog the equipment.

Always ask – Ask for Help, Ask for equipment, ALWAYS ASK.

1 week ago

Fitness Hub HQ
Dadbod 8 week training programmeI’m looking for 6 men. 6 guys who want to put more time and effort into their training and nutrition.Whether you’re over weight and want to do this for weight loss or want a little help and motivation to pack on some muscle.This isn’t a competition, you won’t be competing against each other. You’ll be competing against yourself.There won’t be a shitty fad diet to follow to see who can lose the most. This will be an educational process.There will also be lots of sweating, lots of lifting weights & lots of chatting shite banter from me 😅This 8 week programme will be for you:* If you’re lacking motivation* lacking an understanding of what to do in the gym.* Need that person with you to tell you what to do.* Want a better understanding of nutrition* Work well with a group of lads* Want to lift weights and get stronger in a safe environment* Need something in your life that’s going to be productive and positiveThis programme will cost you £200, with that investment into yourself. You will receive:* 2 x group sessions per week* 2 x workouts per week (out with group training)* Key fob and 24hr access to the HQ gym throughout the programme* Recipe pack all with calories & macros* Group WhatsApp chat* Added to our FB support group (if you wish)* Regular check ins - photos, measurements and scale weight, to track progress The group will start w/c 14th June Let me know if you’re interested ... See MoreSee Less
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Our Ethos/Core values

We want to provide an excellent service and experience for all our customers: whether you are a 1-1 client or a once in a while gym member. We aim to raise the standards of everyone’s gym experience and make sure everyone leaves feeling like they were the only person in the gym. We want you to feel confident and happy when walking through our doors and want you feeling even better when you are leaving.

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