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3 days ago

Fitness Hub HQ
Sunday Funday. At it again Today was a difficult one. The kind of workout where you’ve got to DIG DEEP Kind of workout where you’ve got to go to a dark place to get it done. Kind of workout where you want to stop because every fibre of your being is telling you too. Kind of workout where you might bring your breakie back up We all know that kind of workout, right? Question is how often do you train outside your comfort zone? How often do you push yourself to new limits or try new things? For us, it’s every Sunday (actually we train hard every day but this was a special kinda stinkin) 12min TC - Build to 3RM Front Squat CHIPPER - between 5 3k Skierg 500m sled push 250 Wall Balls 250 AKBS Into 0-4mins - 9-7-5reps (17.5kg/10-12.5kg) Dual DB Snatch Burpee Over DBs * remaining time on Cardio4-6mins - REST 6-10mins - 11-9-7reps (17.5kg/10-12.5kg) Dual DB Thrusters Dual DB Deadlift *remaining time on Cardio 10-12mins -REST 12-16mins - 13-11-9 (17.5kg/10-12.5kg) Dual DB STOH BOX JUMPS 24in/21in ... See MoreSee Less
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